VCE represents the next evolution of IT, one focused on the next generation data center and the future of cloud computing. VCE seeks to eliminate the challenges that consume today’s data center resources. VCE designs and delivers Vblock™ Systems, which seamlessly integrate leading compute, network and storage technologies. Through intelligent discovery, awareness and automation, Vblock systems provide the highest levels of virtualization and application performance. Vblock systems are unique in their ability to be managed as a single entity with a common interface that provides customer choice.

Flexible compute, storage, and virtualization management tools enable businesses to tailor Vblock systems management to their specific requirements. The Vblock Series 300 is an agile and efficient data center class system, providing modular and scalable performance.

The Vblock Series 300 features a high density, compact fabric switch, tightly-integrated fabric-based blade servers, and best-in-class unified storage. It is available in four models – EX, FX, GX, and HX.




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