Cabling Services

Cabling Management Services

This service enables data center fabric infrastructures to scale to tens of thousands of ports with an organized, easy to manage cabling system. With this service, it will simplify management, facilitating troubleshooting and reconfiguration of ports during device moves, adds, and changes.

Optical FC Backbone Implementation
and Configuration Services

This service is focused on deploying Fiber Channel backbone solutions that are scalable, easy to manage, and structured. This service solution utilizes universal trunk cable and harnesses to reduce bulk cable volume by over 75 percent and significantly reduce cable congestion.

Termination, Splicing,
and FC Testing Services

The termination fiber service is designed to provide easy ways for fiber cross connection and light wave signal distribution. Splicing service is designed for permanent joining of two optical fibers. There are two methods of fiber optic splicing: mechanical splicing and fusion splicing.